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Job training at Hullmann

Job training at Hullmann The professional qualification of its employees plays an essential role at Hullmann. During the past year of training, the quality of job training at Hullmann has received an IHK award. For the coming year, we are again looking for young people to start an apprenticeship on 1st August 2015.

Social Support

We decided this year to instead of spending Christmas presents to our business partners to promote social projects in Lienen.


Together with five other companys, we have social projects in Lienen considered as part of the "Industrie Akzeptanzoffensive Lienen" initiative with a prize.


Projects for children and youth promotion have been selected.


For more information, please refer also to the newspaper report on the occasion of the award ceremony on the Lienener Christmas market.

Futureday 2013 at Hullmann

Social commitment 2012

As in previous years we will support the project "Fit und Stark" at the primary school in Lienen.

With this project  we support again the prevention against violence, aggressions and stress under pupils.

You can read more about the project under social commitment in the previous years.

Social commitment 2011

Social commitment 2011 As in previous years, we will in 2011 again be supporting the young generation in Lienen with the project "Fit and strong for life" at the local primary school The project is essentially based on a tuition program to strengthen the self and to stimulate personal growth by the prevention of violence, aggressions, stress and addiction. You can learn more about this project in the "Westfälische Nachrichten".